Sunday, November 11, 2012

Retro Futures in Asia - f3 project at the Northern Museum of Visual Culture

The Northern Museum of Visual Culture
Saturday, November 10 2012 at the Museum

I met with executives (left, Yumi WADA – Administrative Director and book publisher; middle, Kenji TAKAMURA – Museum Director; and right, Nanae ARATAME – head of Promotions) from The Northern Museum of Visual Culture – 北の映像ミュージアム – Saturday November 10 to discuss possible collaborations between f3 futures film festival and their Museum. The Director, Kenji TAKAMURA is a cinema researcher and veritable walking encyclopedia when it comes to the global cinema industry. His interest in our f3 project has ignited a new ecology of possibilities for developing a Japanese f3 project – possibly starting in Sapporo. At this initial stage, our discussions suggest that an effective way to promote the project in Japan is for myself to give a presentation at the Museum about my experiences as a futurist and filmmaker in Hokkaido, in which I would introduce f3 as one project in our overall portfolio. The second stage would be to stage an actual micro-f3 – also at the Museum – with a select crowd of local and international guests. Just what this micro-f3 would entail is something that we need to design. My sense is to aim for a one-day event, screening 4-6 representative futures films over a broad spectrum of the 20 or so film categories we have conceived, a simple wine and cheese party, a modest panel discussion focusing on the nature and significance of the films shown, and an outline of the greater f3 futures film festival concept and its future directions.

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